Saturday, December 31, 2011

Straight Guys and Cock Sucking

The following seems fitting place to get this blog rolling.  For one, it happens to be the first place I linked to the blog.  More importantly, it shows an example from real life that will help introduce some of my thoughts on male sexuality.

This is from Cum on Britney, a forum created by internet porn star Britney the "Cumtrainer."  She is known for her cock sucking and cum swallowing videos, and she is a long-standing favorite of mine both as an actress and a person.

Straight guy wants to suck cock? - Question & Answer

It could have easily been me writing that question to Britney.  Upon finding her site, I began fantasizing about sucking dick and craving the taste of cum.  In my travels through the internet, I found the same phenomenon reported by countless other men.

This led me to believe that sexual desire between men is woven very deep into the masculine libido.  The symbol for this is already given in the Greek mythological satyr.  My aim is to free this fact from the obstinate forces of repression, and in so doing allow men to find pleasure in the bodies of each other.

Britney once said:

I’ve pretty much devoted my life and carreer to encouraging both males and females to open themselves up to the joys of swallowing semen and I’m sure I’ve managed to convert a few.

I now follow in her footsteps, and will carry her message to men of all persuasions and orientations.